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Alyssa Parten, MS, CSCS

Strength Coach. Educator. Researcher.

About Me

On a daily basis I juggle wearing many "hats," working as a strength coach, exercise science researcher, PhD and professor in progress, sports scientist, business owner, powerlifting athlete, wife, and mother. While these numerous roles may be demanding at times, I whole-heartedly believe I have the greatest jobs in the world, and not a day goes by I do not feel fulfilled and grateful for how my career and journey has (and continues to) play out.

My various avenues of involvement in exercise science has spanned both my academic and professional career. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Alabama, I spent five years establishing myself as a human movement specialist and strength coach, working as an in-person and online personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach. Seeking to deepen my knowledge and education, I pursued a dual Master’s in Applied Exercise Science from Concordia University. It was during this time that I discovered my passion for educating the public about the benefits of exercise, creating new knowledge through research, and seeking opportunities for service amongst my colleagues to advance our field. This passion led me to apply to the doctoral program in Exercise Science and Health Promotion at the University of North Alabama, where I currently conduct research under the guidance of Dr. Hunter Waldman. My research focuses on the effects of resistance training on cardiometabolic health and performance, specifically in trained females. I am excited about the potential of this research to advance our understanding of exercise science and improve the lives of those who benefit from our work.

In effort of being an effective science communicator, I strive to provide evidence-based practical applications to students, athletes, and the general public. Through various channels, including social media platforms, podcasts, and blog posts, I enjoy sharing my areas of expertise to provide evidence-based recommendations for individuals looking to increase their own knowledge or improve their physical performance, health, and well-being.

Upon completion of my Ph.D., I plan to pursue a career as a full-time faculty member, professor of Kinesiology, and Exercise Science researcher. I am eager to share my expertise with students and contribute to the academic community through innovative research, teaching methods, and real-world applications. In addition, I will continue to coach competitive and recreational athletes in effort to merge higher education and research with practical methods to elevate performance.

Coaching Objective

Among my greatest passions in life is being there to guide, educate, and encourage others who want to improve their lives, health, and performance under the barbell. My approach to coaching athletes begins through developing a structured plan that meets them where they are, that fits their life schedule and circumstances, and helps them reach their goals. Whether my athletes are new or seasoned to powerlifting, the goal is to rise to the top by paying close attention to small details and executing in every aspect of performance. To accomplish the results the athlete and coach desires, it takes a team of equally disciplined and inspired individuals. As a powerlifting coach, I promise my athletes to exceed their expectations of a coach by effectively communicating, listening, assisting in every area necessary, and continuous learning of their individual needs and differences in order to coach them to their fullest potential.

Summary of Qualifications

For the last decade, I have been a student and professional in the field of Exercise Science, earning a Bachelor of Science in exercise and sport science with a minor in nutrition, and Master’s degree in applied exercise science, with a focus on strength and conditioning and human movement science. Presently, I continue to advance my education with a PhD in exercise science and health promotion with a research area in performance and the effects of powerlifting style training on long-term metabolic health in females. Along with the academic side, I have also attained many years of experience coaching and being involved with various aspects of the sport of powerlifting. Currently, I work for The Strength Guys (TSG) as a Powerlifting Coach and Sports Scientist Consultant. My position as an Exercise Scientist involves assisting coaches and athletes with their questions regarding powerlifting physiology, program design, and training adaptations, as well as keeping coaches up to date on recent and relevant exercise science and performance research. Moreover, part of my position is to develop educational materials for coaching services and the prestigious TSG internship. As a powerlifting coach, I have coached numerous athletes to United States of America Powerlifting (USAPL) and United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Nationals, the Arnold Sport Festival, International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Worlds, and in achieving various state and world records. I have also contributed to the sport for many years as a state level referee and volunteer spotter, loader, and score keeper. I continuously strive to find ways to help advance our sport and its incredible athletes, whether that be through promoting them, receiving mentorship from other successful coaches, or helping where an extra hand is needed.


Doctor of Philosophy

Exercise Science & Health Promotion

The University of North Alabama

Florence, Alabama

Anticipated Graduation: 2024


Master of Science

Applied Exercise Science

Dual Concentration: Human Movement Science, Strength & Conditioning

Concordia University Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Graduation Date: December 2020


Bachelor of Science

Exercise & Sport Science

Concentrations: Fitness, Business, Health Promotion

Minor: Nutrition

The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Graduation Date: August 2014

Media Appearances & Interviews


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NSCA (1)

Career Experience

The University of Alabama

Department of Kinesiology

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Clinical Kinesiology Instructor

Aug. 2023 – Present


The Strength Guys

Alberta, Canada

Sports Scientist Consultant, Powerlifting Coach

Sept. 2022 – Present


Ladybeef Strength Co.

Birmingham, Alabama

Founder, CEO

Jan. 2013 – Present

Professional Service


USA Powerlifting

State Referee & Volunteer; Fall 2020 – Present


NSCA State Advisory Board

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Committee Member; Fall 2021 – Present


SEACSM Executive Board

Southeast American College of Sport Medicine

Student Representative; Spring 2022 – Spring 2024

Coaching & Athletic Career Highlights

  • 1x USAPL National Champion
  • 1x Arnold Classic Champion
  • 4x Top 10 Placings at USAPL Nationals
  • 2x Top 10 Placings at the Arnold Classic
  • 1x Top 20 Placing at IPF World Championship
  • 1x Top 5 Placement in Pro-Level meet
  • 8 State Records (Personal)
  • 4x Best Lifter (Personal)

Professional Affiliations

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), 2014 –  Present

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), #000256454

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), #000256454

National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM), 2020 – Present

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

United States of America Powerlifting Association (USAPL), 2016 – Present

Club Powerlifting Coach

State Referee

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), 2020

Pelvic Restoration Course Certification

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), 2017

Level 1, “The Body Swing Collection” Certification

Precision Nutrition, 2019 – Present

Level 1 Certification (PN1)

Brent Brookbush Institute, 2018 – Present

Human Movement Specialist (HMS)

American Red Cross, 2013 – Present

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Certified


Research Statement

My area of research aims to investigate the impact of resistance training on the cardiometabolic health and performance of females. The research I have completed or have in progress has examined performance and physiological responses of trained females to resistance training, including maximal strength and power adaptations, muscular endurance, and markers of cardiometabolic health. This research is important to improve our understanding of the potential benefits of resistance training for females and provide evidence-based recommendations for optimizing their health and performance in the long-term.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Barker, GA., Parten, AL., Lara, DA., Hannon, KE., McAllister, MJ., & Waldman, HS. (2023). Astaxanthin supplementation reduces subjective markers of muscle soreness following eccentric exercise in resistance-trained men. Muscles, 2(2), 228-237. PDF

Parten, AL., Barker, GA., O’Neal, E., & Waldman, HS. (2023). 7-week accommodating resistance training improves Wingate peak power but not muscular strength or endurance in strength-trained females. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 37:9, 1789-1794. PDF

Waldman, HS., Parten, AL., Bryant, A., & McAllister, MJ. (2023). Astaxanthin supplementation does not affect markers of muscle damage or inflammation after an exercise-induced muscle damage protocol in resistance-trained males. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 37(7), 413-421. PDF

Parten, AL., & Herron, RL. (2022). Strength and conditioning for the roller derby athlete. Strength and Conditioning Journal 44(2), 45-51. PDF

Snarr, RL., Gallagher, CG., Childers, RI., & Parten, AL. (2021). ‘Pre-workout’ supplementation: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Personal Training Quarterly, 8.2. PDF

Non-Refereed Publications

Parten, AL. (2020, July). Sports performance: 8 reasons to train athletes.

Parten, AL. (2020, July). The science behind motivational self-talk and psyching up.

Parten, AL. (2020, June). Mechanisms of fatigue.

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Educational Presentations

Professional Organization Oral Presentations

Parten, AL. & Myers, CN. Assessments and monitoring athlete performance in remote coaching. National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Alabama State Clinic. Birmingham, AL (November 2023)

Parten, AL. The performance-based mindset model. Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Spring Meeting (ASAHPERD). Birmingham, AL (November 2022).

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Parten, AL. Start once, stay forever: the process of achieving and sustaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Greystone Golf and Country Club, Birmingham, AL. (March 2020).

University Level Oral Presentations

Parten, AL. Resistance training programming. University of North Alabama, HPE 175. Florence, AL (guest lecture, Spring & Fall 2022)

Parten, AL., Waldman, HS. The effects of an 8-week accommodating resistant training program on markers of performance in strength trained females. University of North Alabama, Research & Reunion. Florence, AL (October 2021).

Parten, AL. Developing a conjugate method program. University of Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. (guest lecture, March 2020).

Parten, AL. Balancing school and health. University of Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. (guest lecture, February 2020).

Professional Organization Poster Presentations

Parten, AL., Barker, GA., O'Neal, EK., & Waldman, HS. Influence of post-activation potentiation recovery time and modality on jump performance in resistance trained females. Female Athlete Conference (FAC). Boston, MA (June 2023).

Parten, AL., Barker, GA., O'Neal, EK., & Waldman, HS. Seven-week accommodating resistance training improves wingate peak power but not muscular strength or endurance in strength trained females. Southeast American College of Sport Medicine (SEACSM) Regional Conference. Greenville, SC (February 2023).

Barker, GA., Bryant, A., Parten, AL., Grozier, C., McAllister, M., & Waldman, HS. Astaxanthin does not impact markers of muscle damage or inflammation following a muscle damage protocol. Southeast American College of Sport Medicine (SEACSM) Regional Conference. Greenville, SC (February 2023).

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