Alyssa Parten, Ph.D.(c), MS, CSCS

Hi there!

My name is Alyssa, Head Coach & Founder of Ladybeef Strength Co. My family and I reside in Sweet Home Alabama where I work as a Kinesiology Instructor at The University of Alabama along side coaching and speaking through my company Ladybeef Strength Co.

Just a brief history of me and how my company came to be:

Ladybeef was born in 2013 originally as a blog while I worked my way through undergrad. What started out as a fumble of words, turned into a mission to break stereotypes - women (and men!) are strong, beautiful, powerful, and can be and do whatever they set their minds to!

Since then, Ladybeef Strength Co. has merged into a powerlifting education platform, dedicated to teaching coaches and athletes innovative strategies based on exercise science, human physiology, and nutritional science, to maximize and advance athletic performance!


Over the last decade (wow, that makes me feel old!) I have accumulated years of coaching and training experience and education. I have my Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sport Science and minor in Nutrition from The University of Alabama, dual Masters degree in Human Movement Science and Strength & Conditioning from Concordia University Chicago, and am currently pursuing my doctorate in Exercise Science and Health Promotion at the University of North Alabama. My professional certifications include NSCA-CSCS, USAPL-CC, NASM-CES, and many others (see the full list of my current credentials below).

More importantly, and far above anything else, I continuously strive to learn and utilize a mix of evidence-based training strategies, my higher education, personal experience and experimentation, and what I learn from other knowledgable coaches and mentors, to best equip my athletes. It is my mission to provide them with the most efficient and effective programming, helping them achieve their athletic goals in a successful, sustainable, and enjoyable manner.


My Approach to Coaching

I specialize in barbell strength coaching & powerlifting meet preparation, working 1:1 with competitive lifters to:

  • Improve lifting form through exercise selection & in-depth feedback,
  • Select & master a technique that maximizes competitive strength, &
  • Build a physique through long-term programming that supports strength ambitions (& makes you look hella good)
  • Create a strategic & data-oriented program that prepares athletes for successful competition & long-term athletic advancement

I use strategic programming, integrating various periodization strategies (daily undulated periodization, linear periodization, & conjugate periodization), to elevate performance through the multiple components of muscular development:

  • Special strength (maximal & speed)
  • Volume capacity
  • Muscular hypertrophy
  • Power & rate of force
  • Tendon strength & resiliency

Addressing each of these variables allows athletes to continue progressing strength, increase longevity in powerlifting, & prepare for competitive success!

If interested in powerlifting coaching, visit my Coaching Services page for more details and to sign up to work with me!



"I started with Coach Alyssa about 9 months ago and she has been an amazing resource and coach for me on my powerlifting journey.

While working with her my strength and muscle endurance went up exponentially, I am now doing weight that I typically needed wrist wraps or belts for on a regular basis with no equipment. The programming is very creative and no way I could’ve come up with it on my own. At the same time she is willing to tweak the programming for you if you want to try something new or if a certain exercise is giving you trouble. Either way she’ll make sure that you’re needs are met while staying on track with the goals she has set.

The knowledge and understanding Alyssa brings to the table is unmatched. She is a caring and compassionate person working with her is genuine and collaborative. You’re not one of however many people she happens to be training. You are working together to reach the goals you’ve set and she is there to assist and coach you to ensure that happens. Signing up with Ladybeef is the best decision I could’ve made for my powerlifting journey. I would recommend her and her team every single time, I genuinely don’t think there’s a better person or coach out there."


"I have been working with Coach Alyssa for almost a year and what an experience that year has been. When I first started looking for a coach I was looking for someone with education, application, and reputation and Alyssa checked all 3 of those boxes. She took me in as a beginner and taught me all of the foundations of the big 3 lifts. The confidence, knowledge, and strength I’ve gained is amazing. Where Alyssa excels is in that she loves to teach, she breaks down what you need in a step by step process focusing on building from the foundation up. Alyssa even stayed by my side, helping guide me through an injury that took 6 months to rehab. Not only did she stay by my side, but she was so accommodating and paid equal attention to me as an injured athlete as she did when we were making significant strength gains. Alyssa and I live in different time zones but that hasn’t distanced the coach to athlete connection one bit, if anything I talk to Alyssa more than I talk to some of my close friends. If you want coach who cares, listens, competes, and knows what they’re talking about then look no further."


"Alyssa is an absolutely amazing coach! I’m not just saying that because of my bias , but she truly has cared and guided me in training. It’s been about two years of her coaching me, and before her I was plateauing in my lifts. However, since working with her, she has made adjustments and given advice that has completed changed the lifting game for me. For example, my squat has gone up 40lbs with working with her!  She is attentive to all my specific needs that I need met and is flexible with my schedule. She is also very knowledgeable and knows what works best with my body in training. For her, I am completely grateful for her unlocking my potential!"


"I've been working with Coach Alyssa Parten for just about a year now, and I can barely even start to explain how amazing that year has been! I have a chronic hip issue, I've been dealing with it for years, and Alyssa always makes sure that the training I'm doing is smart about those issues. Her training cycles are always well thought out and keep me athletic, even as a powerlifter. Through the past year of training with Alyssa, I have improved my total by over 70lbs, set 6 USAPL state records, and had the opportunity to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival, where I placed first in my class and second overall. I attribute all of these achievements to the incredibly educated and well thought out programming from Alyssa, and of course the encouragement and support she endlessly gives. Any concerns I have, or uncertainty I face, she is always there to reassure me and pick me back up. Her communication skills are second to none and her feedback is always meaningful and easy to understand. Even when facing rough training days, she is supportive and always lifting her athletes up. She was able to handle and coach me at the 2019 Raw Nationals and it was amazing to have someone there supporting me and just as excited at every PR as I was! Although she wasn't able to attend the Arnold this year, she ensured that someone she trusted was there to handle me and made sure that I had plenty of copies of my warm ups and attempts. She was even the first to call and congratulate me as soon as I stepped off the platform. Beginning training with Alyssa was the best decision I have ever made for my powerlifting career, and I am so incredibly excited to see where my training future with her leads."


"Over the last year of training with Alyssa, I have become the strongest and most athletic I have ever been. Alyssa’s knowledge, expertise and passion for fitness is unmatched. Powerlifting was a whole new style of training for me and Alyssa walked me through it every step of the way. She broke down my movement mechanics to a basic level and was able to make small tweaks that made huge improvements in my overall strength and mobility. Her program was easy to follow and she was available to answer any questions I had along the way. It’s been a blast working with her and all the Ladybeef athletes. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with her beyond this amazing sponsorship."


"Alyssa has been my online trainer for the last six months and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience and results. She also programs my nutrition which I feel has made a huge difference in my progress and energy level. I’m not on a “diet” and I’m never hungry. I truly enjoy the workouts that I’m doing and always feel challenged."

"Alyssa, aka COACH, is a phenomenal coach! I attempted to program my own workouts for years just to end up injured and not gaining the muscle I wanted. In my first six weeks, Alyssa had programmed macros and a routine that helped me lose the weight that I was struggling with while gaining a physique I was wanting. Cycle after cycle I have hit PRs, stayed healthy, and received thoughtful encouragement from Alyssa every week. She also puts up with my thousands of left field questions and adjusts on the fly to my random schedule changes. Truly a great coach, resource, and most of all, friend!"


"​LOVE her being my trainer. She answers my dumb questions without making me feel dumb. She’s excellent at explaining the “why” behind the science. She’ll keep you fully updated and informed every step of the way, and her programs WORK. Whether online or in person, she’s best personal trainer around."


"I can't speak from experience of using her in person, but Alyssa is my online personal trainer and a FANTASTIC one at that. We do weekly check-ins, and she's 100% available when I have questions about an exercise or need support with my nutrition. She actually hears your concerns and tries to fit your plan best to what you like. I've worked with her for almost two months and she's become a great friend. You won't regret working with Alyssa!"


"Alyssa takes care of her clients in a way I’ve never experienced. Besides a weekly check in, she’s quick to respond to questions about training during the week and always makes sure her clients feel confident about what they’re doing. However, what stands out the most about Alyssa is how she listens to her clients. I have old injuries that don’t allow for some exercises and know my body better than most when it comes to how it responds to training so Alyssa and I are constantly having to tweak my program. She not only takes my injuries into consideration but she truly understands and encourages my strong sense of body awareness. Alyssa is the first coach I’ve worked with that doesn’t make me feel like I’m being “weak” by expressing any movements that don’t feel right. I could write a 25 page paper on how incredible she is. I could never see myself working with somebody else as my coach and I would recommend her to anybody. Not to mention she helps me obtain the results I want!"


"Gosh, where do I start?? I had a powerlifting coach before Alyssa. I thought they were fantastic for the most part. Then.. I hired Alyssa. Safe to say she BLEW my expectations out of the water. From the in-depth video feedback and review on my lifts, to the support and encouragement, and even just talking to me about things going on in my life that were affecting my training.. She covered it all and more. My training was challenging but doable, I always saw progression, and I never doubted that I wasn't doing exactly what I needed to be doing to move the needle forward. She is intelligent, communicative, and just an all-around fun person to work with. I will never hire another coach to take of me again!!! Sorry, Alyssa, you are stuck with me."

PhD Student: Exercise Science & Health Promotion (2024)
MS Applied Exercise Science: Human Movement Science (2020)
MS Applied Exercise Science: Strength & Conditioning (2020)
BS Exercise & Sport Science, Minor Nutrition (2014)
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Pre-Script Level 1 Certified Coach
United States of America Powerlifting (USAPL) Club Coach
USAPL State Referee
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1)
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1
Brent Brookbush Institute Human Movement Specialist (HMS)
Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Pelvic Restoration Certification
CPR & AED Certification



Education and improving my skills and knowledge is a huge priority for me because I want to be the best I can for my athletes. If you are giving me your time, trust, and adherence, then you deserve the absolute best out of me - and education is one of many ways I strive for that.

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